​Statement of ​Faith

​We believe that Jesus Christ is the Word of God. We believe that the word of God is inseparable from God. Hence we believe that Jesus Christ was from the beginning (St. John 1:1-2).

We believe that Jesus Christ is God manifested in the flesh (1 Tim. 3.16), it was needful for God to take on humanity as without the shedding of blood there is no removal of sins (Heb. 9:22).

​​History of the Leadership and Ministry

​​Pastor George Edwards is the son of a Deacon and Sunday School Teacher. He was brought up in Church from early childhood, and was baptised at the age of twelve, under the pastorate of Bishop Theophilus Archer, who pastors the United Pentecostal Church in the town of Black River where he was born and raised. He got Married in 1986 to a gifted singer Sandra and began pastoring in mid to late 1988 as an acting pastor under the leadership of Bishop Theophilus Archer.

​Riding his bicycle home from work one evening in 1988, a heavenly voice came to Pastor Edwards saying, go over to Hill Top and see what is going on over there. He knew straightaway that the voice was referring to the Church that is based at Hill Top, five miles out of Black River Town Centre. At this point, Pastor George was living and worshipping in his wife's district of Vineyard, on the outskirts of Black River. They were part of an Assembly there, pastored by the late Presbyter, Pastor Gauntlett Archer, the younger brother of Bishop Theophilus Archer.

​​The Lord had spoken to him in the middle of the week, but he kept it to himself until the Sunday morning. He went to Church and told Pastor Gauntlett Archer what the Lord had said to him, and asked his permission to go to the Hill Top Church to see what is going on over there as the Lord has spoken to him. Bishop Theophilus Archer was one of three Bishops that oversees the , United Pentecostal Churches (UPC) in the Island of Jamaica. Pastor Gauntlett Archer was one of three Presbyters under the supervision of Bishop Theophilus Archer's district of Churches. Hill Top being three miles away from Vineyard, meant it fell under the care of Pastor Gauntlett. ​​​It was therefore appropriate for Pastor George to seek his permission before going.

Pastor George went to the Church at Hill Top that Sunday morning, but no one was at the assembly when he arrived. He entered through a window of the unfinished building and all he saw were a few goats that had somehow gained entry too and were laying down in the altar area. He started praying and then about an hour later, an elderly lady affectionately known as Sister Girly came along. They talked for 15 to 20 minutes, then prayed for another 15 to 20 minutes and dismissed.

The next day, (Monday morning) he went to work as usual in Black River, where he operated his furniture manufacturing business as a cabinet maker, but before he started work, he went to see Bishop Archer and reported to him what he saw on his visit, and what Sis. Girly had said. In brief, she said since the departure of the pastor a couple years earlier, things had broken down, as the deacon who was the most senior person in the Church was having a few problems with his health, social and domestic life. This was before the days of the mobile phone, and being a rural location there were no landlines in that district either, so communication between the local Church and the Head Church for the district was difficult.

After relating what he had been told, Bishop Archer said something along the lines of, since God has shown it to you, it may be that He wants you to go and help with the work at the Hill Top Assembly. It was in this challenging setting, that Pastor George got most his early knowledge of pastoral work.

In early 1990 his wife decided to return to England where she was born. Her other two sisters had returned to England in 1985 and before they were married in 1986 she had told him about her own plans to return. Pastor George had to pray about the situation very hard, not the least because he had now been pastoring for a couple years in Hill Top. While praying the Lord said to him, he should let his wife go to England and he will join her after. The Lord also told him he was an evangelist and he should continue to preach the word of God in England the way he had preached it in Jamaica.

Mount Carmel Church was subsequently established by Pastor George Edwards and Evangelist Sandra Edwards under the leadership of the late Bishop H.D. Brown of Mount Shiloh Church Wolverhampton. Today, Mount Carmel is a place of love that ministers to all your spiritual and pastoral needs.

Where LOVE reaches, HOPE transforms and PEACE enfolds

​​We all go through seasons where we need support and care and we believe as a church we are a family where that support and care can most of the time be readily found. See or service times and come visit with us, or get in touch with us now through our contact form​ and let us know how we can help.

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